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​​Please carefully read the clinical history of the patient below. Based on the case description, evaluate the existing image(s), and complete the ultrasound report by selecting options from the drop down menu. Scroll down below to view the reference points, watch a video tutorial, review the user guide or read the PACSim FAQs.


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 Item One - Show the Answer

Key to Sample Question 1 

  • The posterior cul-de-sac: appears normal

  • The cervix: appears normal

  • Based on the images the most likely diagnosis is:
     anembryonic pregnancy

  • The right ovary: appears normal


 Item Two - Show to Answer

​Key to Sample Question 2
​   •The right ovary demonstrates: hemorrhagic cyst

​   •The vessel posterior to the right ovary is the: internal iliac}

​   •Free fluid is located in: right adnexa

​   •​The sonographic findings are consistent with: ovarian