Submit a Complaint

​​All complaints regarding possible violations of ARDMS Compliance Policies must be received in writing using the Compliance Complaint Form​​ ​​and can be submitted to us by:

     • Regular mail:  
           Attention: Compliance
           1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 600
           Rockville, MD 20852-1402
     • Fax: (301) 560-6679
     • E-mail:

Please include as much information and detail as possible, including circumstances that form the basis of the complaint, documented evidence of the violation, and the complainant's contact information for ARDMS internal use, should follow up be required.

Anonymous complaints are accepted. However, we encourage you to include your personal information in case we receive insufficient information and need to investigate the complaint further.  If an anonymous complaint is received with insufficient information, we may have to discard the complaint.

Please review the following frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, you can contact us at or call (800) 541-9754 and ask to speak with a Compliance Specialist.


 What kind of complaints can I submit to the ARDMS Compliance Department?

​You can only submit complaints against ARDMS Applicants, Candidates and Registrants who are seeking or have earned an ARDMS certification.

All complaints that we receive are investigated to the fullest extent possible based on the information available. Upon investigating the complaint, we will determine if the incident is a violation of ARDMS Compliance Policies, specifically any of the situations described in Section 1.1, "Com​​pliance Violations."

 Do I have to be an employer or patient in order to file a complaint?

​No. Anyone who has knowledge and documented evidence of an ARDMS Applicant, Candidate or Registrant violating ARDMS Compliance Standards may file a complaint.

 How can I determine if the person I am filing a complaint against is an ARDMS Applicant, Candidate or Registrant?

​You can verify the status of a Registrant using our online ARDMS Directory of Registrants.

Information on the status of ARDMS Applicants and Candidates is not available publicly. We can confirm their status after receiving your formal complaint.

 Can I submit complaints by telephone?

​No. All complaints must be submitted in writing and must include documentation substantiating the alleged violation before an investigation can be opened. This process ensures that the complaint is fully understood, the complaint has verifiable merit and that sufficient evidence has been received to warrant a full compliance investigation.

 Is there a time limit to file a complaint?

​No, there is no time limit. We will accept all substantiated complaints.

 If ARDMS holds a hearing based on my complaint, am I required to participate?

​No. The documentation provided with your complaint is the only information required from you. We may contact you to request additional information; however, you will not be asked to participate in any way during in the hearing process.

 Will ARDMS contact me with updates regarding the status of my complaint?

​To check on the status of a complaint you have submitted, you may contact us at (800) 541-9754 and ask to speak with a Compliance Specialist.