Inteleos Psychometric Services

Psychometric Lightbulb.jpgInteleos ​Psychometric Services offers custom-designed psychometric solutions for small and mid-sized certification and assessment programs, as well as providing in-house support for the approximately 30,000 exams ARDMS delivers each year across 12+ assessment programs in 28 countries. Our knowledgeable and responsive staff use​ well-tested and efficient psychometric software tools to meet your needs. We can also help you prepare your application for NCCA and ANSI accreditation and assist with test copyrighting.

What are Psychometric Services?

Psychometric analysis helps you build and validate your tests by evaluating and controlling important properties of it, such as the difficulty level of different test forms. For a certification or assessment program to be legally defensible, it must be documented to be valid and reliable.

High-quality psychometrics aid in ensuring validity before you build your exam, by helping you convert your job analysis into a content outline, and after, by evaluating the performance of items and examinees.

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